Another opportunity to enter a Passport UCO drawing will be offered in Fall 2012, with the Passport to England semester. Five students will each win a $500 tuition waiver, which can be used in Spring or Summer 2012. Unlike many tuition waivers, this one may be applied toward intersession classes as well as any course during the traditional semester.

How you might win a tuition waiver:

First, register for the Passport UCO Promotion program by picking up your personal England 2012 passport, either from one of the program organizers or from the Centre for Global Competency, room 137 in the Nigh University Center. Passports are available for pick-up throughout the months of August and September.

Blank passports are also available at Passport UCO events, at the time of stamping.

Attend at least ten of the official Passport events, exhibits, or classes as listed on the Schedule of Events page. Make sure you get your passport stamped as you leave each event. If you leave an event before it is over (or if you arrive excessively late) you will not receive a stamp.

Note: Passports are not transferable. You may be asked to show your student I.D. when you present your passport for stamping.

Upon receiving your tenth stamp, turn in your completed passport at one of the events, or in the dropbox at the Centre for Global Competency. Make sure your contact information is entered clearly on your passport's inside cover!

The final stampable Passport to England event will occur on November 30. The official deadline for turning in the Passport to England passports will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, December 3, 2012. However if you attend this year's performance of Alan Ayckbourn's play Season's Greetings in Pegasus Theater on December 6, and you only had nine stamps up to that point, you may collect that final stamp and turn in your passport directly to the stamping representative of the Passport UCO program at that time. The play continues through December 9, but only the performance on Thursday, December 6 will count for a passport stamp.

Note: Tuition credits awarded in this program are neither refundable nor transferable.

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